Digital copy

Digital copy

Do you want digital copywriter that will really understand your customers and the Internet? If so, I’ll be glad to help.

People have short attention spans – especially online. One click … and they’re gone. As a digital copywriter, I make every word count, engaging your target audience on a personal level. My text doesn’t waste their time.

Just give me your ideas and background notes. I’ll turn them into polished online copy that fascinates your audience in your products and services.

Digital copywriter experience

As a tech journalist, I’ve written weekly columns for UK daily newspapers about the Internet, technologies, trends and fads. Today, I use this know-how as a copywriter to enhance the online presence of companies of all sizes.

Major companies have trusted me to enhance message online: companies like O2, Hilton International, Colt, Oracle and NatWest Bank. An online copywriter must understand the hopes and fears of your audience. See Why choose me? to find out what makes me different – and how I can give you the edge.

Digital copywriter services

My services include:

Also see my online copywriter services for social media, such as Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, blog entries and YouTube videos.

By Steve Fountain

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