Blog copywriter

Blog copywriter

Do you need a blog copywriter you can trust? If so, I’ll be glad to help.

A blog copywriter can keep your company (and it’s best people) looking fresh and well informed, full of drive and ideas.

Interesting blog posts are an essential part of content marketing.

Here are three good reasons to publish a company blog:

  • It helps to keep your website fresh. Blog excerpts appear on the home page.
  • Your company and its team are recognised and valued for their expert opinions – perhaps as ‘thought leaders’. You need a flexible way to express their ideas.
  • Your blogs can support campaigns and point people towards ‘hero’ assets like e-books.
Keeping posting is the hard bit

Once you start a blog, the pressure is on. Initial enthusiasm and ideas may result in a flurry of entries. But a neglected blog looks terrible and gives the impression you’ve got nothing important to say any more.

Blog copywriter, writing for you

I write regular blogs for several of my clients, who trust me to work independently and be their ‘voice’.

I’m a trained journalist, corporate blog copywriter and an ideas man. I find relevant and serious/quirky news stories, while taking your company’s ‘angle’ on the news. This may point readers to your services or distinct approach. But sometimes it’s just because the story will interest your target audience – and make your blog (and company) more likeable.

At other times, I help the UK companies to write blogs themselves: I edit or ghost-write pieces for members of the team – subject to their approval before publication.

Once a blog entry is published, I can tweet the link via your company’s Twitter account or link to it via Facebook – to gain maximum coverage.

By Steve Fountain

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