News stories

News stories

Do you need a copywriter you can trust to write your company news stories? If so, I’ll be glad to help. I’m a qualified news journalist as well as a copywriter.

If the latest news stories on your website are months old then this sends out a dreadful message … your business has stalled.

Of course, the opposite could be true: You’re so busy, you don’t have time to write new stories. But your audience will not know this. They assume the worst. However, it’s easy to fix.

You could:

  • Remove the ‘latest news’ section on your home page. Not great. But problem solved. Kind of.
  • Employ a PR firm – if you have the budget – to create your stories.

But there’s cost-effective alternative  …

Get a copywriter like me to generate your news items. One story per month is the bare minimum for looking fresh. But more is far better, especially for a medium/large company.

Experience: News stories

I’ve written news stories (including newsletters) for the likes of British Telecom, Colt, Hilton International and many other UK and global companies.

A copywriter must understand the kinds of news stories that will interest your audience. See Why choose me? to find out what makes me different – and how I can give you the edge.

How to keep the stories coming

As a journalist, I was blessed with a news antennae. When I was younger, this made it difficult to get dates. But now it’s paying off. Seriously though, most companies have a pool of potential stories that they haven’t noticed. Bigger stories may work as press releases too.

Here are some ideas:

  • New customer contract announcements
  • New product/service launches/updates
  • New people joining your company
  • Comments by your top team on hot industry topics (also see blogs)
  • Funds raised for supported charities.

As a former newspaper man, I can write these stories quickly and easily. A quick telephone interview and approvals via email – then it’s up on your website. Job done.

Email newsletters

With enough news stories, it’s also easy to create an email newsletter for your customers.

By Steve Fountain

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