Email copywriter

Email copywriter

Do you need an email copywriter you can trust? If so, I’ll be glad to help.

Email campaigns are the simplest and cheapest method of marketing today.  But they’re also the easiest to get wrong, which could mean a missed opportunity and damage to your brand. A talented email copywriter can make the difference.

The email has to be interesting. Usually, it’s not. And the threshold for getting through the door is very, very high.

You get a fraction of a second to convince your audience that your email is worth opening. They’re smart and informed but impatient.

<Read this blog to see what we mean>

Unless you’re a world-class brand, giving away free iPhones or have a relationship with the recipient already, then it’s a major challenge.

An email copywriter must understand the hopes and fears of your audience (see why choose me?) for your email to stand any chance of success.

Email copywriter experience

I’ve written emails for O2, Hilton International, Colt, Manhattan Associates, Oracle, Fasthosts, Egg and many other leading companies.

Email copywriter secrets

Campaign message
I recommend sticking to the one thing that your target audience desires most. Just one.
“Want this? We can give it to you.”

Subject line
Convince them to open your email. Avoid words that’ll bloat your spam score.

Intro and body text
As a sub-editor on a daily paper, I learned the importance of what’s above the ‘fold’ on page 1 … the section visible on news-stands. Likewise, the top of the email is your prime ‘real estate’. Few people scroll down. Keep the message short and direct. But don’t say everything. Dangle a carrot.

Call to action
Ending with ‘call me or email if interested’ is fine. But if you can direct people to a landing page and/or sweeten the deal with an e-book or an offer (eg, 30-day free trial) then that’s usually better.

Here’s my call-to-action to you …
Contact me (see below). As for a compelling offer, I’ll buy the coffees (grin).

By Steve Fountain

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