Do you need a creative e-book copywriter? If so, I’ll be glad to help.

An e-book is a great way to provide helpful content to engage your audience. It’s got to be something of value that will interest them — and help to guide them, especially over future purchasing decisions.

Rather than a hard sell, an e-book usually takes a step back … telling a good story and often explaining a new concept at the same time. An e-book must be a great read.

It’s an opportunity to speak in a more relaxed tone of voice, bringing in ideas, facts and issues to consider. Then you leave it with the audience to take the next step.

A good e-book should build your credibility as someone your audience can trust — the key goal of your content marketing strategy. When that crucial business decision comes up, they’ll know where to turn.

Depending on your brand tone, you can be fun and very creative. A few winks to your audience maybe too. But you may prefer to keep everything strait-laced and corporate.

e-book copywriting experience

I’ve written e-books for Salesforce.com, Xerox, Sprint and many others.

Often these are used as gated assets and serve as the ‘hero’ piece at the centre of a campaign that might include emails, blogs and social media seeds. These all invite your audience to download the e-book, where they’ll get the full story.

What’s essential …

A copywriter must understand the hopes and fears of your audience – and find the best way to connect with them. See Why choose me? to find out what makes me different and how I can give you the edge.

Best ways I can help …

Option 1 – Enhancing your existing e-book copy
Perhaps you’ve made a start but you need something more compelling? I can help.

Option 2 – Writing from scratch
This is the usual way with e-books. We’ll discuss your aims, create an outline and then build a story that’s worth reading — and valued by your audience.

By Steve Fountain

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