PowerPoint copywriter

PowerPoint copywriter

Do you want to win new customers, enthuse your own sales team or inspire channel resellers to get behind your new product or service?

Getting a talented PowerPoint copywriter can make the difference. The right text will focus and motivate your audience for action. Poor text can sabotage your marketing campaign.

PowerPoint copywriter experience

I’ve written presentations for leading UK and global companies, their sales staff, partners and customers. My clients have included Hilton International, Colt and Oracle.

There’s a big overlap between sales presentations and product guides (often used as a leave-behind after meetings). Using me for both will ensure consistency and save you money.

The secret to being a PowerPoint copywriter

The key to success is understanding your proposition as well as the hopes and fears of your target audience. See how my approach differs from other copywriters.

Which kind of service do you need?

Option 1: Editing and improving your PowerPoint presentation draft text
If you have a sales presentation already, I can sharpen the messaging, adding energy and pace.

Option 2: PowerPoint copywriter – writing your presentation text from scratch
I’m a wordsmith, so I don’t create fancy diagrams and icons. But I can draft your text and suggest what these illustrations should capture. This is a huge help to any designer.

By Steve Fountain

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