Style guides

Style guides

Does your company speak with ‘one voice’ every time someone writes an email, document or PowerPoint? Corporate writing style guides can provide the answer – as a useful reference for everyone. I can help your company to create its own.

Your company’s writing style is essential to your image – whether you’re a new or established brand. Well-crafted writing style guides can help all your team speak with ‘one voice’ that reflects well on your business.

It’s unlikely that everyone in your company writes the same way. We each have our unique styles and strengths and habits … which is a good thing most of the time.

But if you want to present your business as a professional enterprise that speaks and acts in a consistent way … then a similar tone of voice and writing style is helpful. What’s more, a crisper, sharper writing style will help you to communicate better in day-to-day emails.

Corporate writing style guides can also:

  • Help new company joiners get up to speed
  • Maximise consistency among employees if your business extends across countries and cultures
  • Enable PR firms and design agencies to understand how your company should sound.
This isn’t the style police!

Corporate writing style guides should be simple, meaningful and practical. I’ll make it so. This isn’t about scolding people. It’s just a quick reference guide that saves time: If you’re not sure how something should be written … just look it up. Easy.

Designers do it …
When a business launches a new brand or product, designers often produce a style guide about how logos, colours and design features should be used. This makes perfect sense.

Copywriters do it …
Many leading global corporations have a general marketing style guide that also covers writing. It’s a sensible idea if you want a consistent voice.

Writing style guides can include:

  • A summary of your brand values
  • How your company and its products and services should be described
  • The tone of voice to adopt
  • Spelling style preferences for commonly-used words and phrases
  • Abbreviations and common mistakes
  • Industry jargon to avoid.
Experience: Writing style guides

I’ve followed style guides belonging to global companies. Some guides are great. Others are unwieldy and suffocating. I’ll ensure your guide is among the briefest and best – adding value to your business. It’s vital that your team finds it likeable and useful.

By Steve Fountain

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