Product branding

Product branding

Do you need a creative copywriter to help with your product name branding? If so, I’ll be glad to help.

Are you about to go to market with a new product or service – but you need a name? A creative copywriter can enhance the product name branding process.

I can join your brainstorming session online or in-person. I’ll be a helpful, positive and valued member of your team for as long as you need me.

Alternatively, give me a detailed briefing via email or telephone. I’ll go away and think. Then I’ll return with my short-list of product name branding recommendations. I’ll explain the rationale too.

If you wish, I can present them to your whole team via teleconference and PowerPoint.

Better still, team me up with your designer and we’ll work together. After all, new product names look better with logos, images and in context. But whatever works best for you …

Product name branding

I’ve worked with UK and global companies to create names for new products and services. It’s a great process that relies on inspiration and works best with a team perspective. As a copywriter, I can enhance the process.

What makes good product branding?

The short answer is … people like it. It’s an emotional thing that’s very hard to quantify. If your audience has no experience of the product already, then this is a rare opportunity to choose the first word spoken in a relationship.

Positioning your brand

While the product name is important, it needs a tidy tagline for positioning. What do you want your product to symbolise? What’s the key attribute? Do you want a name that reflects this – or something more abstract? I’ll offer my best ideas.

The elevator pitch

How would you describe your product in 25 words, 50 or 100? Being able to condense and crystallise your message this way is essential. It’ll flavour all your marketing and keep everything on-message. I’ll draft and fine-tune your elevator pitch.

NB: If you wish, I can also provide user help guides for companies (in HTML or PDF) for when your product is launched.

By Steve Fountain

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