Company names

Company names

Do you need a copywriter you can trust to help with your company name branding? If so, I’ll be glad to help. I understand what makes a ‘good’ name.

What’s your starting point? Are you a start-up business or an established company looking to launch a new brand? Do you need a new name and tagline?

Normally, you’ll have a team of people in the loop – and the new name needs to satisfy everyone.

I’m a wordsmith. I can help. If you wish, I can join your brainstorming session online or in-person. I’ll be a helpful, positive and valued part of your team for as long as you need me.

Alternatively, give me a detailed briefing via email or telephone. I’ll go away and think. Then I’ll return with my shortlist of recommendations.

If you wish, I can present them to your whole team via teleconference and PowerPoint.

Better still, team me up with your designer and we’ll work together. After all, names and taglines look much better with logos, images and in context.

Company name branding

I’ve worked closely with UK and global companies through this process. These have included CSC, Clear and other innovative businesses.

Sometimes it’s effortless, other times very challenging. But we’ve got there … with some breathtaking results.

I also help companies devise product names. When a new brand is launched, it’s also important to have a writing style guide so your company speaks with a consistent voice.

What makes a good brand name?

The short answer is … people like it.

It’s an emotional thing that’s very hard to quantify. If your audience has no experience of the brand already, then this is a rare opportunity to choose the first word spoken in a relationship.

It’s essential that …

  • The name sounds right to your audience
  • It fits the strengths of your product or service
  • There isn’t another brand out there with the same name already
  • The right URL is available
  • The spelling and pronunciation are obvious.
Positioning your brand

Your company name also needs a tagline that says something clearly:

  • How do you want to compete against the incumbent market leader? Do you want to be the safe sound-a-like or the plucky ‘think different’ alternative?
  • What’s your stand-out quality? Aim to own one word. For Volvo, that word is ‘safety’.

I can also help you to develop a set of brand values and a company writing style that will flavour the look and feel of your marketing material.

By Steve Fountain

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