YouTube video scripts

YouTube video scripts

Do you want to your company’s YouTube videos to win over your audience? If so, you need a creative copywriter you can trust. I’ll be glad to help.

Clever, memorable YouTube video scripts can make all the difference.

Connect with a mass audience

One of the most powerful but under-used weapons in the marketing armoury is the play button.

Who doesn’t want to watch YouTube videos? Just click to start. Click to stop. No risk. Easy to digest.

It’s no wonder that online videos are an easy way to get your message across very quickly.

If you have a video on your website (using YouTube, Vimeo or another host) then visitors will watch. They may not watch it all the way through but the play button will prove irresistible.

YouTube videos: script wiring

I can write YouTube video scripts for your company and help to shape the storyboards with your creative team.

It could be for a Flash cartoon, a voiceover to images, a news-style video piece to camera or something more natural.

I’ve crafted video scripts all for the likes of McAfee, Interxion, Clear and other leading UK and global companies. The art is making your YouTube video scripts relevant to your message and also worth watching.

After all, the Stop button is just as easy for viewers to find as the Play button. Your video has got to be darned good!

Will your YouTube videos become an Internet sensation?

Let’s hope so. Seriously though, creating a video that’ll be viewed by millions is possible in theory. But it’s very hard for any company to engineer a video to go viral without looking massively contrived. These things can then rebound horribly and be parodied mercilessly.

Clear and simple is best. If it’s cool and funny too, then all the better.

So why don’t I have a video here?

Good question. I’ve considered it for a while. On balance, I’ve decided against the idea.

I’m a copywriter – not an actor or film-maker. Judge me on my words, rather than my impression of Johnny Depp (good though that is).

Also, because I’m just one person, there’s a danger that a video could present me as ‘THE GREAT I AM‘ … like the know-alls you’ll see online.

In reality, I’m a team player, working quietly for you in the background. It’s my job to make your business – not myself – look and sound great.

By Steve Fountain

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