Twitter tweets

Twitter tweets

Do you need a Twitter copywriter you can trust? If so, I’ll be glad to help.

Let’s start out by being really positive about Twitter. It’s great for some businesses.

Here are three examples:

  • Company A are huge. But they are genuinely cool, so people love to follow them.
  • Company B is less iconic. But their products, special offers and incentives are worth knowing about.
  • Company C is a chic business that works at the micro level with an audience that uses Twitter and likes to retweet.
Taking the opportunity

In each case, the target audience reads tweets from these companies. These might translate into sales – and a better brand image. I can help you to craft and schedule some mouth-watering tweets that will drive traffic towards you.

The problem is many companies, if they are really honest, do not fall into categories A, B or C.

I don’t either. So why do I have a Twitter account?

The other big reason to have Twitter

This might sound rather hollow but even if Twitter delivers no financial benefit to your business, it’s worth having simply as a positioning statement.

Social media? You’re in tune

The Twitter logo on your home page says you’re engaged with social media. You get it.

In branding terms, having Twitter says:
You’re a bright, open and energetic company that reaches out to new audiences.
It’s the same with having Facebook too.

Staying fresh for less – by using a Twitter copywriter

If you want to maintain a Twitter account but need to keep costs low, I can help – by crafting interesting and relevant tweets to keep your Twitter account fresh and alive.

For example, for one of my UK clients I’ve written tweets every week – often with links to quirky stories and news items that relate to their business. It takes far less time and money than you might think with the right tools and ideas.

By Steve Fountain

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