Web banners

Web banners

Do you need an copywriter you can trust to write your web banners – so they get the right response online? If so, I’ll be glad to help.

Just like email campaigns, web banners are a great way to target your audience and drive traffic to your landing page or website.You’re in the business of distraction … from the moment your audience visits the page where your banner ad appears. It’s your banner versus the main content. Your target audience will either screen out your banner or be attracted – and click through.

Words and images in harmony

Creating banner ads involves close teamwork between copywriters and designers. Every pixel counts. I’m easy to work alongside – and would welcome the opportunity to team up with your designer.

My experience: Web banners

I’ve written banner ad copy for O2, Egg, Oracle, and many other UK and global companies. It’s one of the most creative and rewarding jobs for a copywriter.

When writing web banners, a copywriter must understand the hopes and fears of your audience. See Why choose me? to find out what makes me different – and how I can give you the edge.

What makes a great web banner?

Keep it focused and relevant
It’s only your target audience that matters. Be specific rather than pulling crowds with eye candy.

A killer tagline
You need the right hook. It’s a delicate blend of being truthful and arousing curiosity. Your audience needs to hear something fresh, new and compelling … in as few words as possible.

Scrolling or static?
Do you want a story or a statement? Either must tackle your audience’s needs in different ways.

Throwing shapes: up or across?
Ads are read differently. Horizontal ads are easier to write. The words for skyscrapers are tougher to get right – but can deliver huge impact.

Big or small?
The smaller the ad, the bigger the challenge. How concise can you make your message – while keeping its essence intact? As an ex-headline writer on a daily paper, this is my speciality.

By Steve Fountain

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