SEO copywriter

SEO copywriter

Do you need an SEO copywriter you can trust? If so, I’ll be glad to help.

As an SEO copywriter, I’ll meet your audience’s need for interesting text, while including all the right keywords in your website copy.

There are hundreds of ‘Internet experts’ claiming to offer special SEO (search engine optimisation) know-how to transport you to the world of high rankings on Google.

Be sceptical. SEO has a lot more to do with copywriting than coding.

Don’t let the robots win!

There’s an art to using keywords while making text readable to humans as well as attractive to search engine robots. Some companies get to the top of the natural search rankings – but when you visit their websites, the text is unreadable. The audience just melts away as quickly as it arrived.

I’ve been writing about the Internet for years for UK daily newspapers – as well as working for some world-leading brands, such as O2, Hilton International, Motorola and Sony. I understand SEO. See Why choose me? to find out what makes me different – and how I can give you the edge.

SEO copywriter secrets

As an SEO copywriter, I understand the value of meta descriptions, SEO titles and more. I don’t believe there’s any single silver bullet that will help you to achieve a #1 ranking. But it’s vital you do everything you can … and there’s a lot you can do.

Content is king, and this is where I can really help you. High-ranking sites have good, relevant content, written in clear English, while including the right SEO keywords in all the best places. Then there are links, meta descriptions, optimum copy length and other factors to consider. It all adds up to your SEO ranking. That’s my speciality – and where I can enhance your website.

By Steve Fountain

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