Feature articles

Feature articles

Do you need a copywriter you can trust to create feature articles about your company? If so, I’ll be glad to help.

There are many reasons why your business might need help with feature articles:

  • Your company has an in-house magazine or newsletter and you need good content
  • A magazine is offering you space for an article
  • You’re taking part in a trade show and an article is part of a sponsorship/stand deal
  • A journalist has contacted your organisation and you prefer the idea of supplying something pre-packaged (by you) rather than taking your chances with an interview over the phone.
Experience: Feature articles

I’m an experienced newspaper journalist as well as a copywriter. I’m trained to digest interviews and background documents … and then turn them into lively, readable text that will interest a target audience.

I’ve written feature articles for many leading UK and global companies – from briefings and interviews, through to amendments and final approval. I’m happy interviewing your own team and your customers, including CXO-level executives.

I’ll be glad to help. Just tell me …
  • What you want the article to achieve and what’s the angle (eg. interest in product X)
  • Where the article will appear
  • What the audience knows (or doesn’t know) already about the subject
  • Who you want me to interview (and what you hope they will say)
  • If there are any background documents you can send me or point me to any websites
  • How many words you need
  • Who needs to approve the article
  • The deadline.
Making the most of your content

You could repurpose feature articles afterwards as press releases or news stories for your website. I also write case studies which can sometimes be turned into feature articles (and vice versa).

The importance of photos
A tip: I’ve worked in busy newsrooms and on layout desks. Supplying an image with your feature articles will maximise the likelihood of good coverage.

By Steve Fountain

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