Direct mail copywriter

Direct mail copywriter

Do you need a direct mail copywriter you can trust? If so, I’ll be glad to help.

Email campaigns offer huge advantages. You can message thousands of people for little cost. But a direct mail copywriter can take you to places you’ve never been – and past those spam traps.

For example, if you send an email to senior exec Joe Smith at AcmeCorp, it may get there. He may open it. But it could get stuck in the spam filter or be ignored completely.If you send something, personally addressed to Joe by surface mail, he’ll probably open it – or his PA will take a look and pass it across.You’ve got his attention … briefly.

It’s personal – or it should be

Most weeks I get something through the office letterbox marked ‘to the home owner’. It’s some offer from a utility company. I bin it immediately. The key to direct mail is personalisation and relevance.

So if the direct mail is really for me and it speaks to one of my actual needs, then I’m interested.

Direct mail copywriter experience

I’ve been a direct mail copywriter for many leading UK and global companies – for B2B and B2C campaigns. I’ve produce direct mail for O2, Colt, Mobile Phones Direct,  and other leading companies.

Direct mail copywriter secrets

Direct mail (DM) will be read by our man Joe (and sometimes acted upon) if the following are true:

  • Joe’s name and job title are correct
  • The DM touches on a hot issue on Joe’s agenda (eg, saving money)
  • There’s credibility. Other companies that Joe knows about are mentioned – or facts are featured from a reliable source like Gartner.
  • The DM is short. Two-thirds of a side max.
  • It uses sub-headings, so Joe can skim-read.
  • The tone is friendly and ‘adviser-like’ rather than waffly or preachy.
  • A call-to-action invites Joe to phone/email the person who signed the letter. If possible, there’s also an offer of a meeting, a free demonstration or report, etc, available to Joe.

Pssst. If there really is a Joe Smith at AcmeCorp, then sorry Joe for all the extra direct mail you seem to be getting recently. But at least it’s well written.

By Steve Fountain

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