Case study copywriter

Case study copywriter

Do you need a copywriter you can trust to create compelling case studies that build trust with your target audience? If so, I’ll be glad to help.

Case studies (aka success stories) make potential customers more willing to trust you. Getting other customers to endorse and praise your products and services adds enormous credibility. As a case study copywriter, I can help.

Sales campaigns often require a case studies to add clout to the message and boost your sales. A strong case study could also be adapted to help you to enter and win an industry award.

Good customer quotes about you are like gold dust – so make the most of them. Take quotes from your case study and sprinkle them across your company brochures, product guides or PowerPoint presentations.

Where to start?

Just one word of warning. Giving birth to a case study can be a long and arduous process. Less than nine months – but usually longer than two weeks. This is simply because it relies on other people outside your company to do their bit.

You need a helpful customer willing to be available for telephone interview (by me). I can get those great quotes from them. Then it helps if their PR/marketing team is willing to sign off the case study quickly. But if there’s goodwill, then everything should be fine.

Best ingredients for case studies

I recommend something like this (in order):

  • Introduction/executive summary
  • Quick facts and figures box
  • About the customer
  • Their needs and challenges
  • Why they chose you
  • What you proposed
  • How it was delivered
  • The business benefits
  • Any future plans

Usually my case studies range in length from 300-1,000 words, including lots of positive quotes.

Case study copywriter experience

As a case study copywriter, I’ve written for the likes of O2, Motorola, Ericsson, Colt and other UK and global companies of all sizes.

By Steve Fountain

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