Brochure copywriter

Brochure copywriter

Hire me as a brochure copywriter and you’ll get the compelling text you need … quickly, affordably and with the minimum of fuss.

Back in the day, brochures took months to produce. They exhausted everyone – from marketing managers and designers, to the brochure copywriter. Printed in their hundreds, most brochures gathered dust in company store cupboards, quickly becoming out of date. Company reports went the same way.

Today, things are different … or should be.

Turning a website into a brochure

Good brochure copy should usually be a point-in-time distillation of your website rather than something that’s created from scratch. It’s a skilled editing job, knowing what to include and how it should be presented. As a copywriter, I can help.

No up-to-date website as a basis?

Of course, if your website is out of date, then that’s a problem (though I can help with websites too). Likewise, if you’re a new company and don’t have a brochure or a website, then it’s good to produce both together, so your messages are consistent and you save time and money.

Not sure where you are?

Put simply, wherever you are in the process, I can help. We can talk about what’s achievable within your timeframe and budget.

What’s different about a good brochure copywriter?

Brochures can be used in a different way to your website. Here are a few ideas:

  • There’s a chance to be more personal. An introduction from your chief exec or chairman is a great idea. I can interview them or simply ghost-write their text, ready for their approval.
  • Brochure copywriters can be more targeted. If the brochure is for a specific trade show, then your content can be tilted towards that audience.
  • You can be more creative as the layout is not confined to a screen shape. For example, a page spread (left and right) can present far more information in a different way than a scrolling screen. A good designer is key here. I’ll work with them to enrich their layout.
Brochure copywriter experience

I’ve written brochure copy and reports for many UK and global companies, including Hilton International, Colt and Oracle. Often this involves liaising with senior executives as well as marketing managers.

By Steve Fountain

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