Advertising copywriter

Advertising copywriter

Do you need an advertising copywriter you can trust? If so, I’ll be glad to help.

It’s easy to waste a fortune on print advertising. But a sharply-written ad with a good hook and a strong call-to-action can deliver results. A good advertising copywriter can make all the difference.Although I’m a copywriter, I’m an ideas man too. I’ll work closely with your designer, suggesting words and images that work well together.That said, if your designer has a great concept and just needs the words … I’ll be happy to oblige. Whatever works best for you.

Advertising copywriter experience

I’ve written adverts for Sony, Colt and a wide range of other UK and global companies. I also write web banner ads for companies. Whether in print or online, well-crafted adverts can support your campaigns and drive traffic to your website.

Behind every good ad, you’ll find:

  • A powerful image
  • A memorable hook
  • Relevant text, crisp and direct
  • A compelling call-to-action.

What makes the difference?
The key to success with print advertising is understanding your proposition – and explaining how it addresses the hopes and fears of your target audience. See Why choose me? to find out how I can give you the edge.

By Steve Fountain

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