My clients

My clients

By Steve Fountain, Chief Copywriter

The phone rings. I get an email. But who are the clients that use my services?

My clients fit into three groups: Companies, creative agencies/designers and private equity firms.

Here’s our client list if you want to check out some names.

Clients: Companies

Global enterprises: As a marketing executive, you’ll use me as an extra copywriting resource. I’ll tackle jobs that your PR team and agency don’t have the time or expertise to complete. I’ll report directly to you.

Small/medium-sized UK businesses: Without a large marketing department, you may need a versatile copywriter. I can complete a wide range of projects – from web copy to e-books and more.

Clients: Creative agencies/Designers

Full-service advertising agencies: Invite me to join your roster of freelancers. I’ll prove my worth.

Small/medium-sized design agencies: You can rely on my help to complement your design team whenever your projects include copywriting.

Clients: Private equity firms

I can help to revitalise companies in your portfolio, adding value to their branding and messaging. You can use me for a complete refresh of a company’s marketing copy. I can also do the same for start-up companies.

The big advantage is that I work very quickly and cost-effectively. I also understand the importance of positioning companies in a way that appeals to each of your audiences – customers, suppliers, partners and potential investors.

I hope to hear from you …

It would be great to hear about your projects – and to see if I can help.

Get an estimate or some free advice

If you’re a creative agency, marketing manager or entrepreneur, then we’d love to hear from you.

Call Steve Fountain in the UK on 07377 647 057 or message us here.

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