By Steve Fountain, Chief Copywriter

Let me know what you need to see. I’ll send you samples.

I’ve signed strict non-disclosure agreements with many clients. This is fine with me. But it limits what I can send out as copywriting samples, because of client confidentiality.

However, some projects are in the public domain: for example, websites and product guides. I can send you links and attachments.

Tell me more about your project and I’ll find relevant copywriting samples from my portfolio to send you.

Don’t forget, you can always contact me for free advice

I’ll be completely up-front about whether I can help with your project – and if it’s within my area of expertise. Even if I’m unavailable, I’ll give you good advice on any aspect of copywriting.

Get an estimate or some free advice

If you’re a creative agency, marketing manager or entrepreneur, then we’d love to hear from you.

Call Steve Fountain in the UK on 07377 647 057 or message us here.

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