Business awards entries

Business awards entries

Do you need a copywriter you can trust to create your entries for important business awards? If so, I’ll be glad to help. I’ll give your entry the edge.

If you need help with business awards entries, then I’ll work with you to create a compelling story that will impress the judges. It’s all about knowing what the judges want – and looking better than the other guys.

Business awards entries: Why try?

It’s great for your brand image if you can describe yourself as an award-winning company.

All it takes is one award. The winner’s logo can appear on your website and marketing collateral. It’s good for company morale, your media/industry profile, and should attract more customers.

Take, for instance, the UK IT Industry AwardsInternet Business Awards, National Business Awards and plenty of others.

Business award entries: Let’s win!

I’ve helped UK organisations to compete for industry awards – and win them.

What makes the difference?
When entering for awards, companies often make either of these mistakes:

Too much PR spin
This happens when no-one in the company has time to write the entry, so the job falls to the PR agency. There may be a great story to tell but the PR agency doesn’t understand detail, so the whole thing translates into marketing guff. The judges smell this a mile off – and reject the entry.

Too much jargon
Those at the coal-face draft the entry. They have a passion for this – and have loads to say, especially on detail … too much detail. Being so close to the project, they can’t see the wood for the trees. The key facts are buried. The entry sounds incredibly boring. The judges move on …

Against this backdrop, it’s easy to stand out and be a breath of fresh air to the judges. You just need to know how to craft your business awards entries.

Business awards entries: My USP

As a copywriter, I blend marketing know-how with the sharpness of a journalist to create your business award entries.

The judges are looking for an interesting story to follow. With my help, you can give them:

  • A challenging beginning, some backs-to-the-wall heroics in the middle, an impressive conclusion and a bright, shiny future
  • A writing style that’s clear, friendly, honest and knowledgeable
  • Relevant facts and figures. Ideally ones related to money. This is essential and shows your story is real not hype
  • Customer quotes to add credibility. These could be new ones or taken from any news stories, articles or case studies.

Also, it’s important to submit resources like good team photos, logos and other documents. Remember, the judges will have one eye on what will look good at the awards ceremony when images appear on TV screens, giving the event glitz and glamour.

Contact me for help

I’ll find out exactly what the award organisers are looking for – and be very realistic about whether you have a story that meets the brief. I can write your entry and prepare everything for you to submit in a couple of clicks. I can’t guarantee success but I’ll maximise your chances.

By Steve Fountain

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