Do you need a copywriter you can trust to help create brand names and taglines for companies, products or services? If so, I’ll be glad to help.

As a branding copywriter, it’s always great to get invited by a marketing supremo or creative director to join a brainstorming session when a brand is about to be born or relaunched.

It’s a smart move that pays off.

Branding copywriters are wordsmiths … able to complement the marketing supremo’s inside knowledge of the company and the creative director’s visual concepts.

We understand names, taglines, branding and image. We know how these will speak to your target audience when they hear about your company, products or events.

Copywriting branding experience

I’ve helped major companies with ideas for brands. These have included CSC, Clear and other innovative businesses.

Copywriter branding services

I provide these services:

Random fact: The best ideas don’t always arrive in brainstorming sessions. My grandfather founded and owned the loudspeaker and electronics company Tannoy. He came up this brand name while taking a bath. Not that I’m recommending this as a corporate approach.

By Steve Fountain

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