Mad Men copywriter

Mad Men copywriter

Need a Mad Men copywriter – like Peggy Olson or Michael Ginsberg? If so, I’ll be glad to help.

The TV series is set in the Madison Avenue advertising world of the 1960s – before I was born. But, in many ways, our jobs are very similar …

The Mad Men copywriter team of Peggy, Michael, Megan and others came up with the hooks and themes needed to provide the oomph for the marketing campaigns of their clients.

I’ve been doing the same for more than 10 years, working for major brands such as O2, Hilton International, Motorola, Sony, NatWest Bank, Oracle and many others.

Even though technology has raced ahead since the days of Mad Men, the process is the same … coming up with the right words.

(NB: If Mad Men was more about the creative process then I’d be a fan of the series. Shame they also focus on people’s lousy affairs.)

Mad Men copywriter – contrasting my experience from today’s world

I understand business. Just as important, I also understand customers – and how they respond to different messages.

Back in the 60s, each Mad Men copywriter had to understand the hopes and fears of their audience – and find the best way to connect with them. I’m the same. See Why choose me? to find out what makes me different and how I can give you the edge.

By training I’m a daily newspaper journalist, so I know how to make your words punchy and interesting. I take something dry and transform it into easy-to-read text that really explains the advantages to your audience – in ways that make a difference to them.

Mad Men copywriter services – what I offer in today’s world

Contact me, if you need help with any of these projects. The Mad Men copywriter team in the 1960s would understand some of these – but be baffled by others!

Marketing collateral: brochure copy, product guides, PowerPoint presentations, direct mail, print advertising, feature articles, press releases and case studies.

Digital copywriting: email copywriting, e-books, landing pages and microsites, website copywriting, SEO copywriting, news stories, web banners and user help guides.

Social media copywriting: Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, blog entries and scripts for YouTube videos.

Branding services: company names, product names, writing style guides, event branding and entries for awards.

By Steve Fountain

I have no association with the Mad Men TV series or its brand name. The series is created and produced by Matthew Weiner and is produced by Lionsgate Television.

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