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My profile

By Steve Fountain, Chief Copywriter
Steve Copywriter UKWhere I come from … mainstream journalism
I’m a qualified newspaper journalist. I’ve been a reporter and sub-editor. I’ve also written columns on technology, entertainment and the Internet for UK daily papers. I continued this in my spare time, while switching to commercial copywriting.

What I do now … B2B/B2C copywriting
I joined a design agency where I became a key account manager and copywriter for BT, the AA and a whole stack of other blue-chip companies. After four years, I left to launch my business with the definitive domain name We’ve been running successfully for over 10 years.

What I’ve also done … public relations
For a brief period in my newspaper days, I hopped over the fence and became a press officer/spokesperson for a multi-million-pound organisation. I understand the mechanics and politics of PR as well as the running of a newsroom.

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